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Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

by: Larry Davies | November 29, 2011

A recent email: “I wish for you to pray for my children. I know they will have nothing for Christmas and it’s tearing my family apart. I don’t know how to tell a child Santa is not coming.” Penny   “God sent the angel Gabriel toNazareth, a village inGalilee, to a virgin named Mary. She […]

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Witness Our Faith

by: Larry Davies | November 27, 2011

Question: “How can I talk to someone about my faith in Jesus Christ?”  I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately. A seminar several weeks ago talked about the necessity of getting out of our office and spending more time talking to people who we don’t see in church. We can join the Y, hang […]

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“Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart”

by: Larry Davies | November 22, 2011

Rev. Randy Harlow of Marsh Memorial UMC found this devotion recently in “The Faith We Sing.” What caught his eye was the author of a famous praise song “Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart” lives in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Then we were both blown away by his story. As you prepare for Thanksgiving, I pray you will strength in the midst of […]

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A Church Closes

by: Larry Davies | November 20, 2011

I received my chaplain training at MCV Hospital in Richmond, which contains one of the busiest Emergency Room Centers in Virginia. A part of my training was to accompany doctors when they told patients or family there were no further treatments available. Most doctors dreaded this part of their job and often struggled with how […]

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Suitcases and Stress

by: Larry Davies | November 16, 2011

                                                  Here is a unique way to have fun! Line up ten suitcases and attempt to carry them all at the same time. “Let’s see, I can jam this one under my arm. This one goes on top of my head, while this one goes between my legs!”  Now, just to keep things exciting, invite […]

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Leadership Crisis and an Old Chunk of Coal

by: Larry Davies | November 13, 2011

It’s been a discouraging week in the news: Everything seemed to focus on leadership shortcomings. Herman Cain facing allegations of sexual harassment. Governor Perry has a memory problem during a debate and is skewered on late night talk shows. Joe Paterno is fired over possible mishandling of child abuse charges filed against a former defensive coach. Silvio […]

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Ten Books to Have Before Christmas – Part 2

by: Larry Davies | November 8, 2011

I love to recommend books to others. So, why not share what I found particularly helpful? Here are five more books to put under your tree for Christmas. With each book I’ll enclose information provided by the publisher or followed by my comments: “Why I like this book.”   Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, […]

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Two Pictures and the Church

by: Larry Davies | November 6, 2011

Along with representatives from 15 of our churches, I spent the day with Jim Griffith a professional coach and church planter. We learned a lot about the issues facing our churches today. But it was two pictures that really caught my attention. The first showed a castle, surrounded by a moat, high impenetrable walls, drawbridge […]

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What is happening to our churches?

by: Larry Davies | November 4, 2011

The following article by Lovett Weems helps us understand why so many of our churches are declining. Congregational Focus by Lovett Weems in Lewis Center Update   Dan Aleshire, executive director of the Association of Theological Schools in the U. S. and Canada, went back to his home town in Ohio to chronicle the ways […]

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Ten Books to Have Before Christmas

by: Larry Davies | November 1, 2011

I may not always know the answer but I can often give you a book to read. I love to recommend books to others. So, why not share with you the books I found particularly helpful? Here are ten books to put under your tree for Christmas. They are listed in no particular order. With […]

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