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Discouragement and the Power of Faith

by: Larry Davies | October 30, 2011

It’s been a difficult week for me and I was feeling a little discouraged. Then, in my devotions a couple of days ago, I read the following two quotes from “Amazing Grace: 366 Inspiring Hymn Devotions” by Kenneth W. Osbeck.   First Quote: “I’ve taught a class for many years; borne many burdens, toiled through tears […]

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How to Ask for Volunteers

by: Larry Davies | October 27, 2011

  How to Ask for Volunteers      by Larry Davies   As a pastor, when our church needs volunteers, I usually do one of two things. Send an email describing the need and hope someone will respond or I make an announcement from the pulpit.   Let’s be honest… this approach seldom works.   Here is […]

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Half-Timers: Looking for Significance

by: Larry Davies | October 26, 2011

My Uncle was the head of Parks and Recreation for one of the largest cities in the country: a demanding job managing thousands of employees. Several years ago, feeling the need to do more for God, he asked the leaders of his local church how he could become more involved. So, they asked him to […]

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Be Strong

by: Larry Davies | October 23, 2011

This morning I will leave early to be guest pastor for the North Amelia Charge where Mell and I served for five years in the early 90’s. Now those churches are served by June Carpenter from our own Lynchburg District. Two of the three churches on the charge almost closed years ago but would instead […]

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Top 10 Learnings about Welcoming Newcomers

by: Larry Davies | October 21, 2011

By Keith Anderson – From Leading Ideas     Churches often define their success in welcoming newcomers by the number of people who become members of their church. At Redeemer we have shifted our focus to improving the quality of our welcome, and it feels like maybe we’re on to something. We’ve found our way […]

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Pushing Buttons on the River of Faith

by: Larry Davies | October 18, 2011

            Just before leaving, Jesus promised the disciples. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) A great promise but before receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, […]

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Why do we need the church?

by: Larry Davies | October 16, 2011

When times are tough our Christian witness becomes crucial. Can we remain calm in the midst of strife? Can we practice integrity in the face of corruption? Can we demonstrate kindness and compassion in the midst of selfishness and cruelty. In a culture that thrives on seeking immediate pleasures we must demonstrate the value of sacrifice. […]

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Help! I’m an ADHD Leader!

by: Larry Davies | October 14, 2011

Help! I’m an ADHD Leader! by Sue Brage of Volunteer Central Do you ever feel that way? Like no matter how hard you try, life, work and ministry pull you in too many directions? Consider Proverbs 4:25: “Let your eyes look right on [with fixed purpose], and let your gaze be straight before you.” (AMP) […]

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Living in the “Planet of the Apes!”

by: Larry Davies | October 11, 2011

    How about this article published in a nearby newspaper: “’It sounds crazy’: Monkeys pelt cars with fruit.”   Monkeys pelt cars with fruit? When is the last time you read that headline?             Three monkeys pelted cars on Interstate 95 with bananas and crab apples before running across the highway and fleeing into the […]

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“Are Ye Able?”

by: Larry Davies | October 9, 2011

From “Amazing Grace: 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories” by Kenneth Osbeck – “Are Ye Able”   Are we sometimes at fault for giving the illusion to non-Christians that becoming a follower of Christ is the end of all of life’s difficulties? Should we not tell them about the cost of lifelong discipleship?   “A Christian is […]

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