Victory to Despair to Faith – Conclusion

by: Larry Davies | July 8, 2011

We enjoyed our best year ever but I was feeling despair. Why? Elijah stood alone against 850 prophets of Baal and witnessed the awe-inspiring power of God at Mount Carmel but never received the opportunity to savor it. Instead, an enraged Queen Jezebel wanted him dead, so Elijah escaped to the desert, alone and begged […]

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Victory to Despair to Faith – Part 1

by: Larry Davies | July 5, 2011

It was the best year ever. Our company shattered every sales record. Profits were exceptional. We even set a record for fewest customer complaints. It seemed that we could do no wrong. After the final results were tallied, we congratulated each other and handed out bonus checks. By the next day the celebrating was over […]

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