Suicide: Janice – Conclusion

by: Larry Davies | June 17, 2011

     “I know I just sent in a prayer request but I am scared. I am not afraid to die. I am afraid to live!”      According to recent estimates, over thirty-four thousand people a year in America commit suicide. Actually it gets worse because suicides are often falsely or mistakenly reported as automobile wrecks, […]

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Suicide: Janice

by: Larry Davies | June 14, 2011

Several years ago, I received the following email through our Sowing Seeds Ministry prayer website. “Please pray. I know God is my Savior. I know nothing is impossible without Him but I am overwhelmed and knowing just isn’t enough right now. I know suicide is a sin but I hope that God will know my […]

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Prayer at Pentecost

by: Larry Davies | June 12, 2011

This week, is important in the life of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Delegates are elected, Resolutions discussed, reports including a finance report impacting our apportionments, recognition of pastoral appointments and going from eighteen districts to sixteen.  All of this is important but…  But, today we remember and celebrate Pentecost.  Acts 2:1-13 […]

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