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10 Books to Read for 2010 – Part 2

by: Larry Davies | August 31, 2010

I received many excellent comments on the first five of ten books, I recommended. Some of you suggested your own favorite books and I added them to my list. I hope you like the next five books just as well. They are not all religious but I hope you will find them all interesting. One […]

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10 Books to Read for 2010

by: Larry Davies | August 30, 2010

I have a reputation for saying: “I may not know the answer but I can suggest a book.” In other words, I read a lot and enjoy recommending books to others. At any church where I pastor, I always set up a table full of free books. It’s my way of giving and offering helpful […]

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A Gorilla and a Marriage Proposal

by: Larry Davies | August 29, 2010

“You have a guest speaker,” the principal informed a kindergarten teacher. “He is an education student who will be demonstrating a sample lesson on storytelling to young children. The session needs to be videotaped and your kindergarten class will make a perfect audience. Do you mind helping out?” “I will be happy to help,” replied […]

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A Tale of Two Restaurants – Part 2

by: Larry Davies | August 27, 2010

A reader asked: “How do you get others to hunger for a right spiritual relationship with God with the same desire?” The answer has a lot to do with the treatment my wife and I received looking for a place to eat at two different restaurants: one excellent and one awful. We can learn from […]

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A Tale of Two Restaurants

by: Larry Davies | August 26, 2010

Recently, I wrote about eating delicious barbecue and receiving encouragement. One reader sent the following comment: “PIERCE’S Pit Cooked BBQ is worth the trip. Food for thought: How do you get others to hunger for a right spiritual relationship with God with the same desire?” — Kim Good question. “How do you get others to […]

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More on Healing

by: Larry Davies | August 24, 2010

The last column on healing brought a lot of comments and questions. For example: “Why heal some but not others? I have never understood how little children can be so sick and are never healed, it hardly seems fair. (I know, life isn’t fair) And there are others that skate through life destroying as they […]

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Healing Service – Part 2

by: Larry Davies | August 23, 2010

I wrote about a healing service that left me with more questions than answers. Are special services necessary for God to heal? How did the preacher know so much about me? Was the woman at the service healed of a blood disorder simply because hands were placed on her? Did Jesus really heal the blind […]

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Healing Service – Part 1

by: Larry Davies | August 22, 2010

“I’m taking you to a ‘real’ church! We’re going to a healing service!” The first words, after a short introduction, uttered by Dot, an energetic 75-year-young woman who felt led by God to provide a room for me during my studies at Duke Divinity School. Before I could set down my suitcase she steered me […]

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by: Larry Davies | August 21, 2010

During the 1960’s there was nothing more exciting than surfing for a teenager: Beach Boys music, parties on the beach and fun, fun, fun. Surfers dared to be unique. They acted and dressed different. Surfers wore pants with holes in the knees and T-shirts with surfer logos. They drove converted vans with surfboards on top. […]

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Windshield or Bug?

by: Larry Davies | August 19, 2010

It was Monday morning and I was feeling on top of the world: no calls of distress and the pile of paperwork was finally beginning to shrink. Then came the shrill ring of the phone. “Mr. Davies, this is the high school. Your son is not in school today.” “You must be mistaken,” I said, […]

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