The 5% Factor, a Tornado and Two Churches

by: Larry Davies | August 12, 2010

In a recent sermon, I said, “95% of our daily decisions could be made by anyone with reasonable intelligence. It is the other 5%… the crucial 5% factor that ultimately defines what sort of person or organization we will become. As Christians, this 5% factor ultimately defines our faith.” Jesus said: “If any of you […]

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The 45 Day Prayer Challenge

by: Larry Davies | August 11, 2010

“The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything.” — Author Unknown Pease write the names of three people or groups you feel led to pray for? What would you want God to do […]

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Alien Visitors!

by: Larry Davies | August 10, 2010

I was raking leaves… (I hate it.) Suddenly a space ship appeared out of nowhere and landed in a field less than fifty yards from our house. Immediately I put down the rake and ran to investigate. (Any excuse to quit raking!) Two creatures stepped out. They looked almost human except for their green, crusty […]

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Abortion: A Personal Story

by: Larry Davies | August 9, 2010

No single web page on this site receives as much attention. The story is true and has helped thousands of people deal with an intensely emotional and private decision. My prayer is that you find answers but especially I pray you discover God’s passionate love for you. We have a unique email prayer ministry below […]

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It’s Been A Really Bad Day, Lord!

by: Larry Davies | August 8, 2010

Sometimes, you are better off just staying in bed. I recently received the following prayer request: “Rev. Larry… it has been a BEAR of a day to be sure! I recently received a ticket for an expired inspection sticker. Unfortunately, in the midst of other problems, losing my job, divorce and being forced to move… […]

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Ask Larry: God and Miracles

by: Larry Davies | August 7, 2010

Our website, receives hundreds of letters every month from people all over the world seeking prayer and advice on a wide variety of issues and problems. Many of those same issues directly effect and concern us all. So, my experiment this month is to share the questions and answers with the readers of this […]

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Turning Points: Learning to Ask for Help

by: Larry Davies | August 6, 2010

It has been written that problems have the potential to become opportunities for growth. Well, I had a problem… Recently, I encouraged visitors to our Sowing Seeds of Faith Website to share their concerns through an interactive web page, entitled “Prayer Needs.” Over the next few weeks, I received nearly one hundred requests for prayer […]

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A Different Way of Looking at Jesus: Angry

by: Larry Davies | August 4, 2010

“How would you describe Jesus in one or two words?” I asked the youth in our Bible study. They used words such as: love, goodness, humble, pious, kind, caring, devout, meek and gentle. “So, what would Jesus look like based on what you saw in the movies or read in the Bible?” They mentioned long […]

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by: Larry Davies | August 1, 2010

Children have a way of asking the most interesting questions. Many years ago, I was busy studying when my then eleven-year-old son, Stephen, walked into the office and asked: “Dad, how did you ever become a minister?” “I received a ‘call’ from God, son.” He obviously wasn’t satisfied: “What does that mean, dad? Did God […]

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