Breaking the Endless Cycle of Guilt and Shame

by: Larry Davies | July 31, 2010

On our first visit, after a few moments, she began to weep. “I’m so sorry.” For the next hour, I heard a sad story of mistakes, misunderstandings and family disagreements. None of them seemed all that serious, but her speech was tortured with words of guilt and hurt. “Will God ever forgive me?” she asked. […]

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Responding to Tragedy: The Church

by: Larry Davies | July 30, 2010

There has been a tragedy in our household. How should the people who know and love us respond? As a pastor, I know what to do and have written about possible responses many times, but now I was on the other side. My family was suffering and desperately needed compassionate, loving ministry. How would the […]

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Surfin’ for the Lord

by: Larry Davies | July 29, 2010

You don’t hear much about it any more but during the 1960’s and early 70’s there was nothing cooler than surfing for someone my age. (If you’re doing the math, I was – 3. Stop laughing.) Surfers dared to be different. Most teenagers wore blue jeans with buttoned shirts but surfers wore corduroys with holes […]

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A Tribute to Tom Riddle

by: Larry Davies | July 28, 2010

This week, I lost a friend and a mentor. I had the honor of serving Tom Riddle as General Manager of his Honda dealership. I only left because God called me to become a minister. After telling him of my plans, I’ll never forget Tom’s smile and subsequent laugh. He said, “Larry, for the first […]

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God… Breathe Life Into Us!

by: Larry Davies | July 27, 2010

One dark stormy night, I dreamed God placed me in a church preparing for their Sunday worship service. God had me walk up and down the aisle among hundreds of people. They all looked… gulp… they all looked dead! There were all kinds of people: children with crayons in their hands, teenagers sitting among friends, […]

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A Letter of Faith…

by: Larry Davies | July 25, 2010

Tired and discouraged, Esther Kim recently finished a grueling round of chemotherapy and drove to a nearby church, looking for a quiet place to pray. She ended up at our church but couldn’t find the chapel. She was miraculously discovered wandering the halls by one of our prayer groups and within minutes all of them […]

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Carl, Down Syndrome & Heart Havens

by: Larry Davies | July 24, 2010

Our family had two reasons to be excited about our vacation. First, we were flying across the United States to Los Angeles: home to Hollywood, The Beach Boys and Disneyland. Second we would be visiting my Uncle and his family for the first time in many years. Needless to say, we were eagerly anticipating many […]

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Help! I Can’t Control my Dog!

by: Larry Davies | July 23, 2010

Our little cocker spaniel, Molly is getting out of control. Several months ago her doctor informed us that she may be dying. “She’ll be craving water and food.” He solemnly informed us. “Give her what she wants and make her comfortable,” were his parting words. The doctor was being too kind. Molly doesn’t just crave […]

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A Christian Response to Divorce

by: Larry Davies | July 22, 2010

Sherry was married at sixteen and is now the mother of two children under twelve. Abandoned by her husband, she must work outside the home for the first time. She is hurt, financially strapped, depressed, overworked and desperately needs help. “I hate divorce…” (Malachi 2:16) is God’s response to divorce. But I constantly find it […]

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Do You Really Want to Make A Difference?

by: Larry Davies | July 21, 2010

I found this quiz on the internet recently. Take it and see how well you do: · Name the ten wealthiest people in the world. · Name the last ten Super Bowl winners. · How about the last ten Academy Award winning movies? · The last five Nobel Prize winners? Well? That’s okay, I didn’t […]

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