Following God, The Mid-East and Depression

by: Larry Davies | January 29, 2010

PART 1 “Visiting Israel changed my life but not in the way you think,” a retiring professor said at a ceremony honoring his years of service. “Because of terrorist threats, there were very few tourists in the area, so I found myself virtually alone on a bus in Jerusalem with a young Palestinian tour guide.” […]

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Super Volunteer: A Tribute to Nancy Webb

by: Larry Davies | January 28, 2010

No article attracted more attention than the one about Nancy Webb our super volunteer from Florida. Since the article last year she has received hundreds of neckties and converted them to puppets for her hospital ministry. Also, through the help of a few enterprising members of our Sowing Seeds Prayer Ministry, Nancy has her own […]

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Marriage & The Treatment

by: Larry Davies | January 27, 2010

Does your marriage need a little spice? Believe it or not, Mary Kay cosmetics has a great solution. It is called, simply enough, “The Treatment.” My wife, Mell, who used to be an Independent Beauty Consultant for the company, gave me a personal demonstration. And all I can say about ‘The Treatment’ is, “Wow!” “Honey,” […]

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Make A Difference

by: Larry Davies | January 26, 2010

I found this quiz on the internet recently. Take it and see how well you do: Name the last six Super Bowl winners. Name the three wealthiest people in the world. Who were the last four Academy Award winning movies? The last five Nobel Prize winners? How did you do? Not good? Me neither. With […]

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Rap or not… It’s For the Lord!

by: Larry Davies | January 25, 2010

Did you know “Amazing Grace” can be sung to the tune of Gilligan’s Island? Try it. Charles Wesley, writer of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” often used melodies sung in taverns to make it easier for churches to sing his hymns. Imagine that? Some of our popular hymns used music sung in a local bar. […]

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Being A Grandmother Ain’t What It Used to Be!

by: Larry Davies | January 24, 2010

Several years ago while on a visit to my Mother’s, I joined her at the local health spa. This sixty-something grandma’s favorite exercise did not include sitting in a rocking chair. My mother worked out on a stair-climber. She hopped onto the machine and began pumping her legs up and down vigorously while at the […]

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Born Again & Conducting an Audit? Part 2

by: Larry Davies | January 23, 2010

“Larry, last week you emphasized the significance of regularly conducting a spiritual audit to see how we are doing as followers of God. Then you explained what it means to be ‘born again.’ But many who are already Christians have been there and done that so why explain it again? Is there another lesson to […]

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Born Again & Conducting an Audit?

by: Larry Davies | January 22, 2010

Mention the word, “audit” and watch a business leader cringe. Why? Well, it’s like a trip to the dentist office. You dread going but deep down you know it’s necessary. Organizations routinely and voluntarily conduct audits to ensure proper financial procedures are followed. An annual audit of church finances reassures congregations that money donated in […]

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Elijah: Victory to Despair to Faith… Turning Point!” Part 2

by: Larry Davies | January 21, 2010

1984 was our best business year ever but I was feeling despair. Why? Elijah stood alone against 850 prophets of Baal and witnessed the awe-inspiring power of God at Mount Carmel but never received the opportunity to savor it. Instead, an enraged Queen Jezebel wanted him dead, so Elijah escaped to the desert, alone and […]

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Elijah: Victory to Despair to Faith!

by: Larry Davies | January 20, 2010

Victory: It was the best year ever. Our automobile dealership shattered every sales record. Profits were exceptional. We even set a record for fewest customer complaints. It seemed that we could do no wrong. After the final results were tallied, we congratulated each other and handed out bonus checks. By the next day the celebrating […]

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