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Serving God: Clipping & Dipping — Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

by: Larry Davies | March 28, 2018

Years ago, during my Monday morning quiet time with God, I was mentally rehashing the events of Easter Sunday and the spirit of enthusiasm blowing through our growing church, I was feeling good – maybe a little too good – a little cocky.   Lord, here I am; use me! Use me to be the […]

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Church Fire Leads to Miracle Rebirth

by: Larry Davies | March 22, 2018

One Friday morning, years ago, Tabernacle United Methodist Church in Amelia County, Virginia burned to the ground. All that remained were cement steps leading to a few charred posts. Church members and bystanders could only stand and stare in shock; like witnessing the death of a beloved family member. A church building represents ministry to […]

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Jesus Angry! Conclusion

by: Larry Davies | March 14, 2018

A man was standing at a busy intersection wearing a sign: “I cheated. This is my punishment.” When interviewed he said, “I’m wearing the sign as punishment for being unfaithful.” He added: “I thought she was kidding.” After a pause, he hung his head and said: “She wasn’t kidding! In order to make things right, […]

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Jesus… Angry!

by: Larry Davies | March 6, 2018

“How would you describe Jesus in one or two words?” I asked a group of youth. They chimed in quickly with words such as: love, goodness, humble, pious, kind, caring, devout, meek and gentle.   “How would you describe Jesus physically?” They mentioned long hair, pale skin and a constant smile, like a hippie from […]

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Give it Away?

by: Larry Davies | February 20, 2018

Recently, Mell and I moved from a three-story house full of furniture, mementos and stuff to a small condominium less than half the size. So, in addition to the normal stress and strain of moving we also faced a serious dilemma of how to reduce our possessions by more than 50%.   How do you […]

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Korea: Ministry to the Poor

by: Larry Davies | February 19, 2018

How can South Korea be so rich as a nation yet have so many who are poor, especially the elderly? Nearly 50% of South Korea’s elderly live in poverty. Centuries-old traditions of children looking after parents delayed the emergence of Medicare and Social Security options. Non-profits and churches often fill the gap between family and […]

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New Year, Psalm One & John Wesley

by: Larry Davies | January 4, 2018

One question as we begin a new year: “How can I strengthen my relationship with God?” Psalm one gets straight to the point: “Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers. But they delight in the law of the Lord, […]

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Pushing Buttons, Waiting and Faith

by: Larry Davies | December 28, 2017

We are placed on earth by God for a purpose. But, what is our purpose? How do we find out? What do we do in the midst of searching for our purpose? How will we know that what we’re feeling is our God given purpose? Questions, questions, questions! But with a new year starting, we […]

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Christmas Prayer Tree

by: Larry Davies | December 20, 2017

Last year, the children’s ministry set up a Christmas tree as you entered the church. Next to the tree, they provided markers and paper that could be folded and inserted into ornaments. The sign said this was a “Prayer Tree” and invited us to write down our prayer requests for Christmas and hang the ornaments […]

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Merry Christmas from Apollo 8

by: Larry Davies | December 14, 2017

1968 was a difficult year. Vietnam War raging. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy assassinated. Riots at the Chicago Democratic Convention. US Athletes protesting at the Olympics. However, there was at least one bright spot. In December: Apollo 8 astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Anders – became the first humans to orbit […]

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