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Monday After Easter

by: Larry Davies | April 12, 2014

On the Monday following Easter, Arthur, a business owner will have to lay-off an employee who has been with his company since the beginning. How will Christ’s resurrection help him make painful decisions with assurance?   On the Monday following Easter, Jennifer, a minister and her spouse will be asked to move to a country […]

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Scripture plus Letters Equals Hope

by: Larry Davies | April 5, 2014

During Holy Week we remember what Jesus endured on the last week of his earthly life. Why? Why did Jesus have to suffer and die in this this way? What does it really mean? What follows are several Scripture readings accompanied by real letters sent in by our readers. My prayer is that you will […]

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Stuck In the Fifth Grade

by: Larry Davies | April 5, 2014

“Stuck in the Fifth Grade” by Paul Greer   Note: Paul Greer is our Spiritual Life and Vital Congregations Coordinator on the Lynhburg District. Every week, he writes a meditation to share with our pastors as they prepare for worship on Sunday morning. When I received this one, I thought it needed to be shared […]

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Spectator or Witness?

by: Larry Davies | March 30, 2014

Several years ago, I dreamed about being a member of the crew on board a luxury cruise liner. From my post, I could observe the passengers through the ornate glass doorways as they danced and ate to their hearts content.   Something, however, seemed strangely amiss. The talk circulating among the crew was about radio […]

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All I Wanted Was Mulch

by: Larry Davies | March 23, 2014

I just wanted to purchase mulch at the discount store and go home but the checkout cashier discovered a hole in the bag so someone was sent to bring us another. Meanwhile, we waited. Then, another item was missing a price tag so once again someone was sent to find the correct price. We waited […]

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Church Fire Leads to Rebirth

by: Larry Davies | March 16, 2014

One early Friday morning, years ago, Tabernacle United Methodist, a beautiful church in Amelia County, Virginia burned to the ground. When I arrived, all that remained were cement steps leading to charred posts and black soot. Church members and bystanders could only stare in shock and disbelief.   It felt like witnessing the death of […]

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Sunday Prayer – March 16, 2014

by: Larry Davies | March 15, 2014

Sunday Prayer- March 16, 2014 Dear God, Enlighten what’s dark in me… Strengthen what’s weak in me… Mend what’s broken in me… Bind what’s bruised in me… Heal what’s sick in me… And lastly… Revive whatever peace and love has died in me… Amen.          (Copied)   This was the prayer I […]

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Lent: Don’t Give Up — Add

by: Larry Davies | March 9, 2014

Another Way of Looking at Lent — by Jason C. Stanley So many people during the Christian season of Lent give up something.  It is what we are supposed to do, right?  In preparation for celebrating Easter, we give up Starbucks or chocolate, or fast-food, and the list goes on.  And so we ask each […]

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Breathe Life: A Prayer for Lent

by: Larry Davies | March 2, 2014

One dark stormy night, I dreamed God placed me in a church preparing for Sunday worship. God had me walk up and down the aisle among hundreds of people. They all looked – gulp – they all looked dead! There were all kinds of people: children with crayons in their hands, teenagers sitting among friends, […]

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Victory to Despair to Faith Conclusion

by: Larry Davies | February 22, 2014

In part one: My business experienced our best year ever but I was feeling despair. Why? In Scripture: Elijah witnessed the awe-inspiring power of God at Mount Carmel but never received the opportunity to savor it. Instead, an enraged Queen Jezebel wanted him dead, so Elijah escaped to the desert, alone and begged God to […]

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