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Teach Me How to Pray

by: Larry Davies | February 17, 2017

“Does God answer prayers?” I asked. “Of course! Yes! Always!” People usually answer. “Then, why don’t we pray more frequently?” After a long silence, there are the usual excuses: “I’m busy! No time! God’s too busy! I don’t know what to say! I’m not worthy! I don’t know how!” Our reasons may sound different but […]

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$7.43 Conclusion: Mission and Miracle Linked

by: Larry Davies | February 10, 2017

I learned an important lesson, when I missed out on helping a young mother purchase $7.43 worth of baby food. That mistake guided me through the years to be on the lookout for opportunities God provides to help others. Are there risks involved? Certainly! Becoming more proactive in helping those struggling with poverty is never […]

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Poverty and $7.43 – Part 4

by: Larry Davies | February 2, 2017

The preacher was a gifted speaker whose heart was clearly loving and open to the most difficult problems. He had great affection for the congregation and the community in which they lived. One Sunday he spoke from his heart about a dilemma he felt with great sorrow. With candor he asked the question, “Why are […]

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$7.43 and Poverty: Getting Involved – Part 3

by: Larry Davies | January 24, 2017

This series on poverty started over a missed opportunity to help a mother buy $7.43 worth of baby food. There are no acceptable excuses. I messed up. But getting involved with helping those in poverty is not easy. Improving financial resources alone is no guarantee. In fact, improving financial resources alone can actually complicate matters. […]

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Poverty and $7.43 – Part 2

by: Larry Davies | January 18, 2017

Last week, I described a missed opportunity to help a mother attempting to buy $7.43 worth of baby food in a grocery store. There are no acceptable excuses. I messed up. $7.43 serves as an ongoing reminder to be more vigilant for opportunities to help someone in need. “Thank you so much for ‘Poverty and […]

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Poverty and $7.43

by: Larry Davies | January 15, 2017

The following true story is a vivid reminder to be alert for opportunities God provides to help others. I blew it and missed a valuable opportunity. But I also learned critical lessons which is why I share this story again. Over the next few weeks, I hope to share some of those lessons learned and […]

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

by: Larry Davies | January 5, 2017

• “I’ve been battling breast cancer for almost 4 years now…” • “Losing my husband of 52 years has been very difficult…” • “I was at death’s doorstep after a recent heart attack…” • “I had just given birth to my baby girl and was feeling scared…” Each person struggled physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each […]

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Spread Your Wings and Fly

by: Larry Davies | December 29, 2016

There is a parable about a wild goose shot down by a local hunter. Only wounded in one wing, the goose landed safely in a barnyard. The chickens were quite startled by this sudden visitor from the sky. After becoming more comfortable with the stranger, they began to ask about what had been seen but […]

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Roof Repairs and Shepherds

by: Larry Davies | December 25, 2016

Just when you begin to accept your life the way it is: busy yet comfortable. God sends a messenger turning it all upside down. You are forced to reexamine yourself and change directions but only then do you discover the miracle of the Christ child. But, if you miss the message, you miss everything. A […]

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Tacky Christmas Lights

by: Larry Davies | December 15, 2016

For me, Christmas used to start with lights – lots of lights. What can I say? I grew up in Virginia Beach, home of the “Tacky Light” tour. At the beach we like to say: “Brighter lights on the outside mean brighter, happier families inside.” If true – our family has been deliriously happy! One […]

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