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Giving and Tithing by Brian Lamb

by: Larry Davies | October 20, 2016

Brian Lamb is a long-time member of Fredericksburg UMC who felt called to ordained ministry and is currently attending seminary and working as a Youth Pastor at a nearby church. Recently Brian shared his thoughts on giving and tithing. His struggles and blessings, match many of our struggles and blessings so I received permission to […]

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Prayer Requests & Understanding Poverty

by: Larry Davies | October 13, 2016

How can we better understand what it means to live in poverty? Here is one way: A church leader sent a list of prayer requests of guests served at a community dinner for the poor. There are nine prayer requests listed in three groups. They reveal many of the unique issues people face living in […]

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Rudeness and Our Children

by: Larry Davies | October 6, 2016

The bright red finish and the cardboard license plates were clear indicators that the car in the fast-food restaurant parking lot was brand new. The owner likely panicked when he saw me park beside his new toy. Quickly he ran out and moved the car and parked it again at an odd angle that blocked […]

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Jerks and Forgiveness

by: Larry Davies | September 29, 2016

Imagine driving to work, minding your own business. Suddenly, someone runs a stop sign and with squealing tires, zips in front of your car, forcing you to slam on the brakes and swerve out of the way. You are a nervous wreck but the jerk in the other car never seems to acknowledge his mistake […]

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Breaking Cycle of Guilt

by: Larry Davies | September 25, 2016

On our first visit, after a few moments, she began to weep. “I’m so sorry.” For the next hour, I heard a sad story of mistakes, misunderstandings and family disagreements. None of them seemed all that serious, but her speech was tortured with words of guilt and hurt. “Will God ever forgive me?” she asked. […]

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Preacher Pride

by: Larry Davies | September 14, 2016

“Are you the preacher?” the voice asked over the phone. “Yes, I am.” I replied. “Why do you ask?” “A few weeks ago, I was a visitor in your church and heard your sermon. Could I ask a few questions?” “Sure.” I said with a smile, expecting a compliment. “You told a story about a […]

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Pushing Buttons, Waiting and Faith

by: Larry Davies | September 11, 2016

We are all placed on earth and called by God for a purpose. But, what is our purpose? How do we find out? What do we do in the midst of searching for our purpose? How will we know that what we’re feeling is our God given purpose? Questions, questions, questions! A Biblical example of […]

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Comfort by Computer

by: Larry Davies | September 2, 2016

I was a little slow entering the computer age, but it didn’t take long to see the potential. One benefit was learning how to use a Bible study program. I happened to be teaching a lesson on “comfort” which called for looking up examples in the Bible. So I searched through the program for the […]

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Laura Ellis: Walk for Suicide Prevention

by: Larry Davies | August 26, 2016

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide and to reaching out to people with mental disorders and those impacted by suicide. The signature event for raising funds and increasing awareness are: “Out of the Darkness Walks for Suicide Prevention.” The walks produce millions for suicide prevention programs, unite […]

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Two Tragedies: A Christian Response

by: Larry Davies | August 17, 2016

Years ago, the peace and tranquility of our area was shattered by two tragedies. The first was a suicide. She was well known and loved so the news was a devastating surprise. We will never know what drove her to end her life but we know the awful impact her suicide has on friends and […]

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