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Church: Boring or Life Changing?

by: Larry Davies | October 27, 2016

Some people describe church as boring. At times, maybe, but the following stories happened to real people in the church I serve. Similar stories could be told by most any church. Boring? No way! A woman was devastated when she unexpectedly found herself in the middle of a divorce. She had all the emotions of […]

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Giving and Tithing by Brian Lamb

by: Larry Davies | October 20, 2016

Brian Lamb is a long-time member of Fredericksburg UMC who felt called to ordained ministry and is currently attending seminary and working as a Youth Pastor at a nearby church. Recently Brian shared his thoughts on giving and tithing. His struggles and blessings, match many of our struggles and blessings so I received permission to […]

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Prayer Requests & Understanding Poverty

by: Larry Davies | October 13, 2016

How can we better understand what it means to live in poverty? Here is one way: A church leader sent a list of prayer requests of guests served at a community dinner for the poor. There are nine prayer requests listed in three groups. They reveal many of the unique issues people face living in […]

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Rudeness and Our Children

by: Larry Davies | October 6, 2016

The bright red finish and the cardboard license plates were clear indicators that the car in the fast-food restaurant parking lot was brand new. The owner likely panicked when he saw me park beside his new toy. Quickly he ran out and moved the car and parked it again at an odd angle that blocked […]

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