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Laughing at Me

by: Larry Davies | June 30, 2013

“Learn to laugh at yourself more freely. Don’t take yourself or your circumstances so seriously.”                                                                              – “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young   “35 flavors of milk shakes,” screamed the commercial. After several hundred exposures to the ad, Mell and I decided to take action. We drove to the curb-side service restaurant and placed […]

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Bishop Cho and Annual Conference

by: Larry Davies | June 24, 2013

For several days in June of each year, our Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church meets as a body. With over 1100 churches, this amounts to a lot of people. I confess to not always having a positive attitude toward spending several days sitting still in a chair listening to a multitude of reports […]

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by: Larry Davies | June 16, 2013

“42” There was a scene from the movie, “42” about Jackie Robinson that particularly stuck in my mind. The opposing coach was taunting Jackie as he came up to bat. His racist remarks were vicious. Frustrated, Jackie swung the bat poorly, hit a fly ball and was easily put out. All the way back to […]

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Lighthouse: More Than A Children’s Story

by: Larry Davies | June 10, 2013

One of my favorite children’s messages is about lighthouses.   “It is a dark and stormy night.” (The room becomes dark.) “Lightning flashes across the sky.” (Various lights begin blinking.) “The wind is howling.” (Sounds of a storm fill the room.) “The ship is tossed about.” (Everyone starts swaying from side to side.)   Here […]

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Class of 2013: “Surf’s Up!”

by: Larry Davies | June 3, 2013

As a teenager, during the 1960’s there was nothing more exciting than surfing: Beach Boys music, parties on the beach and fun, fun, fun. Surfers dared to be unique. They acted and dressed different. Surfers wore pants with holes in the knees and T-shirts with surfer logos. They drove converted vans with surfboards on top. […]

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