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Dreams and Spectators

by: Larry Davies | April 22, 2011

Several years ago, I had an eerie dream about a luxury cruise liner. I was a member of the crew. Standing on the deck near the bridge, you could see the passengers through the ornate glass doorways as they danced and ate to their hearts content. I watched my shipmates on the bridge as they […]

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Christ Crucified and Letters

by: Larry Davies | April 19, 2011

During Holy Week we remember what Jesus endured on the last week of his earthly life. Why? Why did Jesus have to suffer and die in this this way? What does it really mean? What follows are appropriate Scripture readings during the last hours of Christ’s life. In between are excerpts from letters received by […]

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Palm Sunday Prayer: A Bigger Picture

by: Larry Davies | April 17, 2011

Prayers Mission team in Jamaica Palm Sunday starts our Holy Week Pastors and Churches in the midst of leadership change —————————— During this past week… a lot of important decisions were made by the Bishop and the District Superintendents of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church. All week we participated in worship together, […]

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We Are Hokies: Remembering April 16, 2007

by: Larry Davies | April 15, 2011

The groom wrote his own vows expressing his love by saying, “My anticipation for our marriage is similar to that of Virginia Tech fans eagerly awaiting their football team to enter the stadium. “Enter Sandman” is blaring in the background as the anticipation builds. The music gets louder, the fans begin screaming and jumping up and down […]

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10 Questions of Faith and Ministry

by: Larry Davies | April 15, 2011

People often ask: “Larry am I doing what God wants me to do?” I don’t know but I do know what helps me. I use ten questions to regularly guide my ministry and spiritual life. Recently, I shared them in church and several people asked me for a copy. (Well, actually it was just mom […]

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What’s Wrong With My Parrot?

by: Larry Davies | April 12, 2011

Chuck Swindol wrote about a lonely lady who went to the pet store to buy a parrot for companionship. She was assured that once the bird began to feel at home, she would have a friend for years. A week later she returned to complain that her bird was not talking. “Did you buy a […]

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Prayer for Maturing Faith

by: Larry Davies | April 10, 2011

Usually at this time of year, I’m involved with activities centered on Lent but as I helped my wife, Mell care for her mom, and visited several others who were dealing with age related issues… the struggles that go along with getting older has weighed on my mind. Several weeks ago I found this devotion and […]

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Power of God’s Word

by: Larry Davies | April 8, 2011

After two long days and nights of fruitless searching, a weary volunteer passing a wooded area for the umpteenth time spotted a tiny bare foot protruding from the underbrush. Gently, she cleared the leaves from the motionless three-year old boy. “Billy, Billy, wake up. Are you okay?” Slowly, one eye began to open, then another. […]

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A Witness in the Real World!

by: Larry Davies | April 5, 2011

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word…witness: a murder trial, an automobile accident or someone in a long orange robe trying to sell you flowers? For Christians, witness is a word preachers use frequently to make everyone feel guilty. But Jesus says: “…you will receive power when the […]

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Prayers for the Miserable

by: Larry Davies | April 3, 2011

The following prayer comes from Devotions for Lent Show me the suffering of the Most Miserable Show me the suffering of the most miserable; So I will know my people’s plight. Free me to pray for others; For you are present in every person. Help me to take responsibility for my own life; So that I […]

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