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Retreat for One – Singles Ministry

by: Larry Davies | November 30, 2010

There are many ways to be the church. Here is one of my favorites: One Friday, seventy-eight single adults from across Virginia began to arrive through the sliding, glass doors of a former college, now used as a spiritual retreat center. For three days, they will sing, play, study, pray, eat, laugh, share sorrows and […]

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Will it take Six Strong Men to Bring you Back?

by: Larry Davies | November 28, 2010

I noticed a newspaper ad showing a black and white photograph of six men carrying a coffin through the front doors of a church. The caption read: “Will it take six strong men to bring you back into the church?” My first reaction was shock but the ad made me pause and think. What about […]

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Christmas, Suitcases & Stress

by: Larry Davies | November 27, 2010

Here is a unique way to have fun! Line up ten suitcases and attempt to carry them all at once. “Let’s see, I can jam this one under my arm. This one can go on top of my head, while this one goes between my legs!”  Oh and just to keep things exciting, invite an […]

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A Victim of Pornography

by: Larry Davies | November 24, 2010

“My name is Milly Katze. We were married three years before I found the first Playboy magazine in his car. I asked for an explanation and he said, ‘I like the articles. If it upsets you I won’t do it again.’ We were going regularly to church so I believed him but I was crushed. […]

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The Little Church that Could

by: Larry Davies | November 22, 2010

Do you remember the famous children’s book: “The Little Engine that Could?” A train full of toy animals, dolls and everything boys or girls desired could not get over the mountain to the village on the other side. Children were waiting expectantly for their gifts. What would they do? What could they do? ·         A […]

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Under the Light of the Cross: A Divine Warning

by: Larry Davies | November 20, 2010

Angry? Why angry? I was in the mountains attending a retreat along with other church leaders. The speaker was comparing two common church attitudes. One focused first on prayer, Bible study and community service. This was desirable. Another emphasized cafeteria-style, pick and choose programming. “This attitude,” said the speaker “was undesirable.” That’s when I got […]

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That Didn’t Hurt

by: Larry Davies | November 18, 2010

Playing around sewing machines was a dumb thing to do, even for a four-year-old. Too much running and not enough looking eventually causes accidents and mine was a big one. The shelf for holding the fabric was just above eye level and I hit it hard, felt the pain and started screaming. Blood was spurting […]

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Teach Me How to Pray – Part 2

by: Larry Davies | November 16, 2010

A friend of a two-year old girl struggling with cancer requests prayer over the Internet. Thirty-eight men attend a “Walk to Emmaus” weekend while hundreds more pray. At 6:00 every morning a bell rings calling members of one family to devotions and prayer. Prayer was described as a unique opportunity to be in relationship with […]

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Teach Me How to Pray – Part 1

by: Larry Davies | November 14, 2010

“Does God answer prayers?” I asked a class. “Of course… yes… always,” were the quick and enthusiastic replies. “Then, why don’t we pray more frequently?” I answered. An uncomfortable silence filled the room. Finally, the excuses poured out: “I’m too busy! There is no time! God’s too busy to listen to me! I don’t know […]

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Church Bazaars

by: Larry Davies | November 12, 2010

For the last few Saturdays, my wife, Mell and I travelled to nearly every church Bazaar we could find. We had a great time meeting people in a more relaxed way. I also bought enough cakes and pies to add at least 3 inches to my waistline. But church bazaars offer a unique opportunity to […]

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