New Years Resolutions and M & M’s

by: Larry Davies | January 19, 2010

I love M & M’s! You know: “The candy that melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” I have a bag full in front of me. I don’t want to keep you in suspense. I’m reaching in and taking out a handful and setting each M & M on my desk. Do you mind […]

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Worship 4: Creative Fishing and Breaking Bricks

by: Larry Davies | January 18, 2010

“You can do almost anything and catch a few fish but to do more you have to experiment, to be creative, in other words be willing to listen to the voice and fish on the other side of the boat.” The brochure featured a picture of a guy’s head crashing through a pile of bricks […]

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Worship 3: We’re Only Human

by: Larry Davies | January 17, 2010

Sometimes… things don’t always work out as planned. Worship services are no exception. Rev. Ronna L. Swartz from Kenbridge, Virginia was preparing to lead a communion service for the leadership team of an upcoming Emmaus Walk. Holy Communion is always an important part of Emmaus and she wanted to do her part as a minister […]

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Worship Part 2: Contemporary or Traditional? Wrong Question!

by: Larry Davies | January 16, 2010

Tap-tap-tap… tap-tap… annoying sounds? No… part of a secret code used by prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton prisoner of war camp during the Vietnam War. The taping was part of a vital communication link with each other. Without this communication prisoners would slowly lose their will to live. “Little by little,” Captain Eugene ‘Red’ McDaniel […]

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Worship: Annoying Sounds or Vital Communication?

by: Larry Davies | January 15, 2010

Tap-tap…tap-tap-tap…tap-tap-tap-tap…tap-tap-tap… just annoying sounds? Captain Eugene ‘Red’ McDaniel rapped on the walls of his cell in the Vietnamese Prisoner of War camp commonly known as the Hanoi Hilton. The taping was a secret code prisoners used to communicate with each other. The number one rule at the Hilton was… “No communication with other prisoners at […]

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Kicking Cats 2

by: Larry Davies | January 14, 2010

Last week: Jim was angry at his wife so he yelled at Larry who then threatened his top sales person, Robin, who turned and insulted her receptionist who went home and punished her son who in a fit of rage… kicked his poor innocent cat. Do you get the picture? Wouldn’t Jim be better off […]

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Kicking Cats

by: Larry Davies | January 13, 2010

First: Thanks to special effects, no cats were actually harmed during the writing of this column.  Second: The ‘Kicking Cats’ story is not original but it’s so good, I’m using it anyway to make a point. The steering wheel has never been gripped tighter as Jim drove to work on Monday morning. Jim was angry… […]

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Ode to Honey: A Story of Death and Grieving – Part 2

by: Larry Davies | January 12, 2010

No “Sowing Seeds” devotion received more attention than the one about Honey, our nine-year old Cocker Spaniel dying of an incurable heart condition. People would stop me in the street and ask about her. Some would share their own stories of beloved pets and offer heart-felt prayers. For four months, we fought to keep Honey […]

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Ode to Honey: A Story of Death and Grieving

by: Larry Davies | January 11, 2010

The doctor carefully shaved the area and applied a clear gel over the smooth skin. As he gently placed the sensor on the spot, a picture appeared on the connected monitor. The ultra-sound machine was accurately showing a diseased heart that was nearly twice its original size. “She has a bad valve in the left […]

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The $10 Challenge! Part 2

by: Larry Davies | January 10, 2010

“We’ll never forget how the “Ten Dollar Challenge” began. Our daughters opened the envelopes and were they ever surprised to find a REAL ten dollar bill inside. Immediately they both said, “Let’s have a Bake Sale!” The girls asked a few more friends from four other families, if they would like to join in. Everyone […]

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